Saturday, February 15, 2014

Countdown to 30: 30 days, 30 Lessons (Day 26 - Let People Love You)

This might seem contradictory to yesterday's post, but I promise it is not. You should, by all means, fight for the love you deserve. Definitely don't settle. However, when someone is offering you the love you want, let them.

The world doesn't tell you how scary it is to be given real love.

When someone loves you fully, it can be terrifying. It's actually why the hardest question in the world for me to answer is my mother asking me "How are you?" There's so much love in that question it's scary, and it forces me to assess how I'm actually feeling every time. More than once, I've been surprised at my own answer.

Real love forces you to see yourself honestly - and sometimes shows you how you're not measuring up.

As I said yesterday, love is both feeling and action. It is fairly common to be experiencing one or the other at any given moment. It is when both are present that you can fully understand the power of it all. Real love is as terrifying to give as it is to receive. It makes you vulnerable. It leaves you open. But it also lets you create a truly genuine connection. It is worth fighting for and worth keeping. 

Let people love you. Work to be worthy of it. And love genuinely in return.

When you have fought for the love you deserve, surrender to its power.


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