Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Countdown to 30: 30 days, 30 Lessons (Day 29 - Just Do It)

Sometimes you just have to do something. 

For the last few months, I've been in a hibernation of sorts. I have let my own personal work fall to the wayside and indulged myself in frivolous pastimes as a means to avoid it. I needed the break but eventually I had to keep my promises. I'd made promises to my board, to my friends, to my partners. And I will admit, I just didn't want to keep them. I was at a point where I wanted to relinquish my responsibilities and just disappear into banality.

Then someone reminded me to just do it.

Sometimes there is no motivation. Sometimes there is no inspiration. Sometimes you just don't want to. It's so tempting to surrender to nothingness. And we all know the difference between "I'm burned out and need rest" and "I just don't want to." It's easy to create excuses to conflate the two, but ultimately we cannot give in to apathy. We cannot always wait to be ready.

More often than we admit, we must act before we are ready. Though we are a day late and a dollar short, we must deliver anyway.

I was imperfect. I was unprepared. I fell short. I delivered anyway. And I'm not here to tell you that in the end my motivation showed up. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter whether my inspiration shows up or not, I'm going to do the work anyway. Because I have a job to do. I have goals to meet. I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep...


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  1. You are my Shero (I have a few) but you are because you don't give up, give in or give out. Perfection is an ideal that is imperfect in and of itself because it is unattainable in the form that WE exist in. The most we hope for is the best we have to give and I am proud of you because you try to do your best and usually succeed. Me and that handsome sexy old guy I live with are so grateful to whatever powers that gave us our children that I pledge to emulate you all cuz #hustlingkeepsyousexy. Happy pre birthday my love.