Friday, February 7, 2014

Countdown to 30: 30 days, 30 Lessons (Day 18 - Be Surprising)

Sometimes we get so comfortable in who we are, where we work, who we love, that we hit a rut. We keep doing the same things and keep getting the same results. We start to think that just because this is what we've been doing, this is all we can do.

Surprise yourself every once in a while.

I am not particularly competitive, but I HATE to be underestimated. HATE IT. I will lose with the best of them, but the second someone takes my loss as a foregone conclusion, I effectively lose my cool. And I make it a personal challenge to not underestimate myself - there is not a finite amount of awesome in the universe, so we can all be great. There is no way for you to know all of the things you're great at until you try all of the things. 

Everyone has to do everything for the first time.

Everybody was a three-year-old. There was a moment when the entire world was big and scary. For some reason, as we learn more we start to think that the world gets less big and less scary. We start to think we know all we need to know or that we can do everything we would ever need to do.

We stop surprising ourselves.

We stop expecting more from ourselves.

We stop asking others to expect more from us.

We stop expecting more from others.

We get stuck. We get complacent.

Surprise someone today with an honest admission out of the blue; surprise yourself by trying something new; listen to music you've never heard before; watch something you've never seen; do a task at your job differently; ask the person furthest away from you something about their day.

Expand your idea of who you think you are so that you can become who you're meant to be.

Remember that you are capable of doing anything at least as well as a three-year-old and they do more new things than you everyday.


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